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can be an easy knockout with TKO.

See this video to get all the information you need to feel confident placing your order:

Read this guide to get all the information you need to feel confident placing your order.


  • Create your TKO account: You will need a valid email address and a password.
  • Go to the "Start Order" button on the right side of the screen.


Follow these steps to get your order in the cart:

1 Select Formula:

Whether you're interested in screen-printed transfers, digital transfers, or combining both techniques, we have the perfect option for you.

2 Select the correct Sub-formula:

Each formula has special variations to meet your specific needs. You can find more information on each of our product pages.

3 Select your colors

(For 1 - 5 Color Orders)

Choose a color from the drop-down color palette. These colors correspond to specific Pantone colors available in stock.

For some colors, we recommend adding a White Backer at an additional fee of $40.00 if you're applying the transfer to dark garments. This service is completely optional.

You can select our Custom color option if you can't find the desired shade. Just specify the Pantone code you'd like us to create for you. This service has a $40.00 extra fee.

4 Select your transfer type.

Single image:
Must contain only one design per sheet. You may not place multiple copies on the same sheet, nor may you place two different designs in the same job. These specifications are necessary because each design requires a setup fee for creating the screen. Single-image transfers do not require cutting.

| For full-color orders

Our transfers utilize the CMYK color model, which blends Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black inks to achieve a vast spectrum of colors.

This option is ideal for artwork with more than three colors and enables us to capture fine lines, intricate details, gradients, free-standing text, and photorealistic images.

Ensure your artwork uses the CMYK color model (not RGB) to guarantee consistent and accurate colors in the final print.

This option allows for the placement of multiple designs on one sheet. You can cut the designs apart for application purposes. Each sheet can contain as many images as you can fit. They can be copies of the same design or completely different images.

5 Select your sheet size

We offer a variety of options to suit your design and needs.

Remember that your design will print at the size of your submitted art file, not the selected sheet size. The sheet size chosen should fit the art file, not modify it. If any adjustments to the art file's size are required, our art services option is available for assistance.

6 Upload your artwork

Remember our artwork guidelines to ensure your artwork will submit without issues. See the complete description here:

Submit your art file, provide a title or reference, and include any relevant comments we may consider while processing the art. For instance, if the selected colors differ from those in the artwork, please specify how you prefer we distribute those colors.

If our system finds any issues with your file, you may see some warnings as those on the left side.

If needed, the artwork service option will be selected automatically.

7 Select Artwork service

(If needed)

You can choose this option if you need assistance in ensuring your artwork meets our requirements or if you would like us to make modifications to it. Once selected, you will be prompted to confirm the size you want to print.

Please note that the review process may add 1-2 days to the turnaround time. We'll send you a proof for approval, and the production time will commence once we receive your final confirmation.

8 Select Print-as-is

(If needed)

If you would like to proceed despite any potential issues, we recommend selecting this option to avoid delays caused by artwork concerns. Our artists will not revise your submission; you will be responsible for the outcome. We don’t recommend selecting this option on your first order.

If you don't select the artwork services or print-as-is option, our team will review your artwork and inform you of any issues found. We will contact you via email and text, so please pay attention to these notifications. Additionally, production time will commence once we receive your final approval.

9 Adjust the quantities

Choose the quantity that suits your requirements, considering the established minimums. Please take advantage of our pricing tiers available for specific formulas, where the more you order, the better the price you'll receive.

Now, simply hit "Add to cart," and your first order is nearly complete!

You can "Continue Shopping" to add more jobs to the same order or view your cart and checkout.


Complete all the information needed to complete your order, including shipping and billing information.
Consider saving your data for future orders. Some key aspects to keep an eye on:

We regularly release coupon codes on special occasions and reward our valued customers with exclusive promos.
You will get your first one once you create your account. Just enter the code here to enjoy the corresponding discount.

This service protects your package in case of loss, theft, or damage during transit. Add it to your order for a minimal fee. This selection is completely optional.

Once you finish the form, click on continue.
You can take a last look at your order specifications, and if everything looks good, hit the "I agree to the Terms & Conditions" box and then "Place Your Order."

You will receive an order number
and email confirmation.

With TKO's fast turnaround times, you will
have your transfers in your hands before you know it!