If you can dream it, we can print it! TKO has the ability to print nearly any design you can imagine with ease and precision. However, some of our formulas have strict artwork requirements to help maintain consistent and clean final results. Here are some basic guidelines to follow that can ensure you receive perfect heat transfers!

1 As you see it, we will print it.

The uploaded file must be the size you need to print as well as in the desired orientation (not mirrored). All backgrounds should be transparent.

2 Revise your colors.

Select the inks you need

For Active Sport and Premium Plus

Select the design colors from our stock inks. If the submitted file colors differ from the selected stock inks, please specify in the comments section how you would like the colors to be applied.

Check your color mode

For X-treme Color

Our printing process uses CMYK color mode, which is optimized and standardized for printing. Please note most online images are set up in RGB, which is optimized for screens.

To ensure the colors in your printed product match what you see on your screen, please set up your image in CMYK color mode. If your image is submitted in RGB it will be converted and the tones may vary, we’ll reach you out for approval in case the change is significant.

3 Use proper formatting.

For the sharpest finishes, we highly recommend vector files in PDF (our preferred format), SVG, or Ai.

Alternatively, you can try uploading PNG files at 300 dpi without a background (best image format), but keep in mind this setting won’t guarantee a perfect finish. The smaller details in your artwork may become pixelated.

We also accept other formats, such as JPEG, PSD, or TIFF, but we strongly advise that you have them reviewed by our art team to ensure they are viable. These file types tend to appear lower in quality and may require adjustments to achieve the best results.


  • AS Classic
  • AS Puff
  • AS Glow
  • PP Classic
  • PP Tagless L.
  • PP Silicone
  • XC Soft
  • XC Stretch
  • XC Blocker
  • XC Digital
  • XC Glitter
  • Negative space

  • 2 pts/ 6 pixels
  • 4 pts/ 12 pixels
  • 2 pts/ 6 pixels
  • 1 pts/ 3 pixels
  • 0.5 pts/ 2 pixels
  • 1 pts/ 3 pixels
  • 2 pts/ 6 pixels
  • 2 pts/ 6 pixels
  • 2 pts/ 6 pixels
  • No minimum
  • 2 pts/ 6 pixels

  • Points considered for vectorial artworks (PDF, AI, SVG).
    Pixels considered for raster artworks (PNG, TIFF, JPEG, PSD).

    4 Optimize your artwork.

    Make sure to follow these guidelines to guarantee clean results:

    • All the printing areas (positive space) must have a minimum thickness to guarantee consistent printing.
    • All hollow areas (negative space) must have a minimum width to avoid the merge of ink.
    • No shadows or transparent outlines, all the borders must be solid.

    Pro Tip

    For the Xtreme Color formulas, consider adding an outline in the color of your garment to give it some thickness while preserving the design's details.

    5 Fonts should be vectored.

    Please be aware that some fonts used in your design may not be available on our systems, which can cause issues when opening your file. Be sure to convert all text to curves or outlines before submission. This ensures the text will display correctly.


    If you need help in ensuring your artwork meets our requirements, you can select our art services when placing your order. Please note that the intervention process may add 1-2 days to the turnaround time. The production time will commence once we receive your final approval.


    If you are confident that your artwork meets the requirements or would like to proceed despite any potential issues, we recommend selecting this option to avoid delays caused by artwork concerns. Your submission won't be revised and you will be responsible for the final outcome.


    If you do not select either option, our team will review your artwork and inform you of any issues found. We will contact you via email and text message, so please pay close attention to these notifications. Additionally, note that production time will commence once we receive your final approval.